5 Top Parenting Strategies

Parenting is a vital part of a child’s growth. It is a concoction of attention, love and toughness; all of which being very important in their own aspects. However, there isn’t any definition to these methods, but definitely there are some unique strategies. Parenting is a way of finding love and happiness among few sacrifices; but then we need to give away some of our wellbeing and find it in our gift from God.

  1. Recognize them being a gift from God: It is a privilege to have kids in the house. There are many homes and couples deprived of this. So, if you are a lucky couple cherish the moments and be thankful for having a kid or kids in your house. Enjoy every bit of your kid’s childhood. Being with them through their phases of growth is an amazing experience. Spend as much time as possible with them.
  2. Let them live their own dreams: Everyone has a dream which is absolutely their own. We should let a kid live in it successfully. Do not impose your own ideas on your child. Try and find out your kid’s field of interests. Let them be the way they want to. Just look into the fact that they become successful in their journey. Be a part of their path to victory. Let them have their own take on life. Let them understand and learn through good and bad situations. Let them come out with their own conclusion. Nothing teaches better than experiences. I know as a parent it hurts to see your child cry. You might feel that you could have taught well; but then there are some situations which are best taught by experiences.
  3. The true affection: your kids deserve your true love. You have to be selfless when you are doing for them. Your popularity lies in your child’s success. So, give them your true love. Let them feel wanted and cared for; for they will reciprocate the love, care and affection they will receive from you. Kids need to understand that success can be better achieved by love than by bitter actions.
  4. Let them grow up with time: Children grow up, but with time. Do not take away their playing time from them. It’s okay we can always study and work hard in our academics, but it’s equally perfect to spend some leisure reading a good book or playing outdoor games. There is no hurry in approaching adulthood. Things take time and grow beautifully.
  5. A supportive atmosphere: Kids should feel free with their parents. Only then that they will come up with their natural ideas. Kids need a vent to share their good and bad times. Be that vent for your child. Also, it is okay to score bad in a school test. There is always another chance and no child is perfect. Harness that beautiful imperfection in your child because that is what makes your child unique and makes him stand away from the crowd.


It is important to transform your mind and body to ensure a good upbringing of your child. Do not let out your frustrations and disturbances on your kid. May God bless you with a happy future of your child !

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