It’s no secret that children aren’t the most patient of beings. It, of course, is not due to a fault of their own, it just happens because all their needs and wants are met instantly by their parents from the time of their birth. Therefore they never learn the virtue of patience. It is important for them to learn the value of patience because it will help them later in life. However, patience is not the easiest to acquire for kids, even adults struggle with it, but it is not impossible if kids are taught from an early age.

Here are some ways that parents can begin to teach patience to kids:

Self-soothing: Children cry as they can’t speak, and they learn that their parents are there to tend to their needs whenever they cry. But there are times when kids cry but they are not wet, sick or hungry. It could simply be because they suddenly wake up from their sleep and all they are able to do is cry. Parents often immediately tend to their kids when they cry to see if they need anything or if anything is wrong. But parents should understand that it is okay for them to let their kids learn to sooth themselves or lull themselves back to sleep. Parents don’t have to run to their kids right away to pick them up and lull them. However, this does not mean that they should be completely neglected; parents must always keep an eye out because their kids might be crying because they are hungry or wet or are in need of something. But once in a while it is okay to have them sooth themselves back to sleep. 

Change the Focus: This is nothing more than teaching kids to be able to distract themselves when they can’t get what they want. Kids often cry or throw a tantrum when they don’t get what they want immediately. But to always give them what they want and not let them learn that there will be times when they can’t have what they want is actually quite harmful. Kids, as they grow up, will never truly value or appreciate the things they have and might feel extremely upset or demotivated if they don’t get the things they want. Let yours kids learn that sometimes they might be able to get what they want and that is okay. Help them learn to distract themselves from wanting the thing and instead change their focus to something else. 


Model it for them: This is very important as kids often learn from their parent or elders around them. They acquire and inculcate qualities of their parents therefore, it is essential to always be mindful of that and be good role models for your kids. Adults often struggle and fail to wait patiently for things to happen, which is okay. Let your kids see that and understand that it is difficult to be patient. Just let them know that even though you wish you didn’t have to be patient but things can take time sometimes and it is necessary to be patient and there is a reason for it.

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