Responsibility is a key factor which needs to be built thoroughly in children. They should start taking small challenges at a tender age. Challenges in younger days are smaller than the harsh reality of adulthood. This prepares them for any situation in future. Also, a habit of taking responsibilities makes a person more independent. This is nothing but a simple step towards success.

It is primarily important to study child psychology in depth. While imposing a duty on a kid, it should be remembered that the kid might be a little exhausted on completion of the task. He/she shouldn’t at any cost feel that the purpose of making her do the job is just to get the job done. The child should be made to realise that she is just helping her parents in their work. This will make them work a little harder because she loves her parents a lot and would love to help them.

Please do not forget to appreciate kids after they have completed the task bestowed upon them. The outcome might not be perfect in the beginning, but please make your child feel happy, because she has tried her best to impress you.

Here are some reasons why kids should be appreciated:

  1. Kids are tender and the work hurts them.
  2. They have taken a responsibility.
  3. They have shown how responsible they are by completing the task on time.
  4. They have moved forward by one step towards success.
  5. They are now keen to take more responsibilities.
  6. They aren’t taking the tasks as burden.
  7. They are happy to help their parents and grandparents and others at home.
  8. They are feeling a little mature despite not being so.
  9. They are feeling stronger.
  10. They are feeling secure.


How to convince a kid to do a job?

Kids tend to be lazy when it comes to handling of tasks. However, this is an important aspect of life and a part of their growing procedures.

  1. Be soft while trying to coax them in the beginning.
  2. Win their minds by promising gifts at the end (even if that is one chocolate bar or a rubber, remember we are bribing them for their own good). Also, remember to give them their promised stuff.
  3. Gifts should only be promised one or two times, it shouldn’t be a habit. Barter system is not always the way of life. Not every person in the world is wise enough to return gains. So, a child should not be taught to expect anything in return, always. The tasks of responsibility aren’t ever conditional.
  4. Be a little staunch in establishing your opinion if your kid is stubborn. This stubbornness will vanish once she falls in love with helping her home.


Here are some tasks which can be bestowed on kids going to the kindergarten:

  1. Wearing own socks.
  2. Polishing school shoes.
  3. Taking care of her belongings.
  4. Sharpening her pencil on her own.


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