Whatever be the economic condition of a family, a baby is always special. We tend to fulfil all their needs, to the best of our ability, simply out of love. In the process, we tend to forget the actually definition of need and mistake it as luxury.

First of all, what does a child need from their parents?

Nothing besides love, guidance, shelter, food, clothing, care and education. The rest of that is thought to be ‘needs’ is nothing but ‘luxury’.

The reasons behind why children shouldn’t be over pampered with too much of luxury are:

  1. He/she should understand positional value.
  2. It is important to know how hard it is to earn a penny.
  3. They should learn to respect other children from all strata in the society.

I’d share a personal observation here:

I had a friend of them when I was in school. She hailed from a rich family. That wasn’t evident from her behaviour though, it only had its lustre on her possessions. As we grew up, she developed a habit of disrespecting anyone on the go. She didn’t even mind talking rudely to her mother for wearing a less expensive saree than usual. She looked down upon beggars and never helped them even with a coin.

So, this is what happens when a child has no idea how costly money is. Children should develop moral values from a very tender age. Otherwise, it hits their adulthood really hard. Nobody adores such characters.

Some of the Don’ts that should be kept in mind are:

  1. Children shouldn’t ever realise that being extremely is the only way to survival. Of course, everyone needs money and it’s absolutely okay to help who doesn’t have them.
  2. They should learn to be happy with little things. The joy extracted from such situations is always priceless.
  3. They should learn to be less dependent. They should be taught to do their works on their own, like tying a shoe lace, a tie knot and many others.
  4. They should learn to help others in their bad times. No matter how rich a person is, he isn’t enough till he can support a poor. This value of humbleness should be injected into the kids at a very tender age.
  5. They should learn to extract happiness out of any situation. Failures are a part of life, which doesn’t mean there is no vent out of it. It’s okay not to have an ice-cream or a chocolate for a day. There are people who don’t even get to eat regularly.


Children should learn to differentiate between necessity and luxury. This helps them grow in life. I guess, that is what parents want. So, it’s time to slightly tighten up the strings for your children to have a better future.

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