Having a toddler around means that you will have toys strewn here and there no matter how many times you ask them to clean up after themselves. If not, then the toy chest must surely be a mess.

The organizing, in the end, falls on your shoulders. But it is not an easy task. So, here are a few tips to help you out.

  1. Make sure you have your gear ready: First and foremost you will need to have some supplies ready in order to organize the items. A few things that might come in handy are one or more garbage bags, large zip-lock bags or organisational bags (re-sealable), additional storage tubs, drawers or basket (and some good background noise to pump your spirits!).
  2. Organize when the kids aren’t home: While it may be difficult, but if you can get the kids out of the house (maybe a sleepover at their grandparents?) it will be extremely easier for you. Keep your tools ready and sort through the mess at your own pace without worrying about your kids running in making a mess. Or, without the horror of thinking you’re done, but walking into a different room and finding a whole different mess there. However, if you are planning on getting rid of some items in order to create more space (in order to donate or for some other reason). Then wait till your kids are home so that they can keep their favourites.
  3. Then comes sorting: Start by unloading all boxes, chests, drawers and any other storage space where your kids store their toys. Make a big pile of toys from which you can start making other smaller piles. Throw away any toy that is broken beyond repair; assort all toys that your kids haven’t touched in more than six months, and toys that are in good condition that your kids don’t play with anymore that you can donate. Toys that come in kids’ meal are usually used only once (if even that) and some restaurants or eateries will give you a kid’s scoop of ice-cream or some other small item in exchange for an unopened kids meal toy (which saves space at home!).Though it might be difficult, try not to keep toys for nostalgia’s sake, it will eventually add an extra load of stress on you.
  4. Organizing: Now that you have completed your sorting your toys into different piles, you can start storing them in different containers/zip-lock pouches/drawers/sorting bags. Bulky items can be put in sturdy tubs while smaller items can be kept safely in pouches. Just make sure to keep them in easy to open, see-through containers so that you don’t have to leave your work every time your kids want to play!
  5. Future clean-ups should be a priority: Don’t let your time and efforts go to waste, take 15 minutes every day to help your children pick up their toys so that it doesn’t become a big chore again.

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