Effects Of Anger

Anger of any sort is not good for anyone, leave alone children. They are the most affected by stormy situations. They are tender and marks easily stain their minds.  Anger and violence should be avoided if there are children in the house.

Some of such situations which should be avoided are:

  1. Scolding kids: Kids understand soft tone better. However, although there are times when they need to be taught a value; but it is preferable not to make it violent. Kids are scared by violence and they tend to become introvert. Regular violence might harm their psychological health.
  2. Beating kids: This should be staunchly avoided. Kids get hurt, both physically and mentally. Who doesn’t make mistakes? Everyone does at some point. It is baseless to beat them up ruthlessly. Kids become rough and they gradually tend to lose their softness. Such change in character is harmful for their future. Anyone who practices beating children should be warned, even if the person is the kid’s teacher. It is important to understand that kids are tender and they reciprocate whatever behaviour they receive. So, they should not be subjected to any kind of violence. They should be dealt with care.
  3. Violence among parents: Kids are also affected if parents have a verbal fight among themselves. A child wants to have a happy family. They simply hate any kind of violence and exchange of words that are filled with anger. Even if you don’t fight in front of them, kids aren’t dull. They are smart enough to figure out the tension in the family. This makes them sad. It once again affects them psychologically.
  4. Tough verbal conversations: Kids understand taunts. So, there shouldn’t be an indirect tone of anger. This once affects the psychology of the child.


Children are exclusively mild and tender. It is important to be extra careful when there is a kid in your house. They make their own conclusions out of situations. It is preferable to keep the ambience happy, light and easy going. Even they should learn task handling. It is important for them to observe and understand that even if a situation goes wrong and wings of anger tend to fly in, we shouldn’t give room to them. Children observe every situation much intricately than adults to.