Decorating kid’s room

Decorating a kid’s room is so much fun. It need not be much costly, but it can surely be decorative.

Here are some reasons why a kid’s room should be decorated:

  1. The kid feels important. This is the most important aspect.
  2. The room becomes interesting. The child is never bored.
  3. This is not at all distracting. The kid’s concentration is rather enhances.
  4. Different styles of decorations are informative.
  5. This is also a way of teaching the child different forms of handmade arts.

Some ways of decorating are:

  1. Quilling: This can be really innovative. Quilling is making of stuff using coloured papers. A huge range of jewelleries and household stuff can be made out of it. Craftwork seems to be more interesting with papers. External colours can be added to these papers to get new shades of own choice. Different cartoon characters, small houses and many other things can be made out of it. New jewelleries can be made for your girls. This is an ideal way of giving surprises to kids silently.  Imagine how happy your child will be to wake up to a room filled with decorations on her birthday morning.
  2. Paintings: If you are good in painting, then this can be a fabulous tool. Different wall drawings can be done. T-shirt paintings and painting on old stuff to make them new are some other examples of how creative paintings can be. Also, drawing portraits and landscapes for hanging on the walls are innovative ideas as well.
  3. Clay building: Heard of making clay structures in the old school days? Same technology can be implemented for making dolls and football structures for home. Other materials of decoration can also be made.
  4. What if both the parents aren’t good in craft?

Don’t worry! Let’s find a way out. A room can be decorated for a number of special occasions using balloons too. Balloons of different structures and sizes can be used.

  1. Wall patterns: This is a little expensive compared to the others. However, this is a nice idea to make a room, rather an entire house look new.

We should remember that at the end of the day, the child should feel important and wanted. He/she should get most of the attention of the house. If decorating a kid’s room with a huge cost is not affordable, keep the room clean. Teach your children various habits of cleanliness. Keep the child’s clothes washed, pressed and ready to wear. Ensure the room is neat and tidy.