Bond With Your Kids

I today’s world of busy parents, it is less ideal for their children to get attention from them. However, we should always remember that babies are dainty and they need more attention than anyone else in the house.

Children learn from home. If this learning goes missing, they can hardly extract anything from the books. So, for families having working parents, here are some points which should be kept in mind:

  1. Give time to your children: Whatever be the work schedule, remember the little ones deserve time. They should understand how important they are for their parents. Squeezing time out for the kids despite having a busy routine, teaches them to lend importance to your work in return.
  2. Make it a habit to have conversation with your kid: Even if you are a working mother, get some time for your kid at the end of the day. Kids usually have a lot to share. Well, who doesn’t? For children, the situation is tender. They find it the most secure with their mother. Not talking to the children can make them feel lonely, which is detrimental. Once again, their problems should be given importance. They should find a vent in their home to leak out all the difficulties and good moments from the day.
  3. Indulge them in games: Here, by games, it is referred to real sports and not any of those video games. They should develop a healthy sense of competition. This also prepares them to accept failures quite easily. Besides, playing is amazing for both mental and physical health. On the other hand, video games or those in the smartphones might be addictive, but they are harmful. They strain the eyes and the kids don’t get to learn any of those values.
  4. Take their opinion: This is another way to make them feel important. Besides, kids have a tendency to do whatever they see. In that sense, giving value to their opinion will make them reciprocate the same in future. They will learn to value what others have to say and won’t end up forcing their words.
  5. Know about your kids’ interests: Kids shouldn’t find home a dull place. So, it is necessary to know their hobbies and make arrangements; whether it’s a drawing copy or a story book. Also, it is necessary to indulge them into the habit of reading. The more they read, the more they learn. Learning is way too fun when it is not in the examination. On the other, reading strengthens the knowledge and in turn ends up returning good results in the examination. Another reason, why extracurricular activities at home should be given special importance, is that, a kid shouldn’t ever be bored.


The more a child stays close to nature, the healthier he/she becomes. It is not only important but necessary to ditch the artificial world for a kid. If need be, don’t mind skipping a party, if your child wants you to be at home.