Weddings and Toddlers

Attending social events is not only important to help maintain a healthy and happy social life but also for enjoying time with your loved ones and being part of their special occasions. Nothing gets more special than a wedding, obviously. Just because you’re toddler may be going through their terrible twos does not mean that

5 Top Parenting Strategies

Parenting is a vital part of a child’s growth. It is a concoction of attention, love and toughness; all of which being very important in their own aspects. However, there isn’t any definition to these methods, but definitely there are some unique strategies. Parenting is a way of finding love and happiness among few sacrifices;


It’s no secret that children aren’t the most patient of beings. It, of course, is not due to a fault of their own, it just happens because all their needs and wants are met instantly by their parents from the time of their birth. Therefore they never learn the virtue of patience. It is important


Responsibility is a key factor which needs to be built thoroughly in children. They should start taking small challenges at a tender age. Challenges in younger days are smaller than the harsh reality of adulthood. This prepares them for any situation in future. Also, a habit of taking responsibilities makes a person more independent. This


Whatever be the economic condition of a family, a baby is always special. We tend to fulfil all their needs, to the best of our ability, simply out of love. In the process, we tend to forget the actually definition of need and mistake it as luxury. First of all, what does a child need


Having a toddler around means that you will have toys strewn here and there no matter how many times you ask them to clean up after themselves. If not, then the toy chest must surely be a mess. The organizing, in the end, falls on your shoulders. But it is not an easy task. So,

Effects Of Anger

Anger of any sort is not good for anyone, leave alone children. They are the most affected by stormy situations. They are tender and marks easily stain their minds.  Anger and violence should be avoided if there are children in the house. Some of such situations which should be avoided are: Scolding kids: Kids understand

Decorating kid’s room

Decorating a kid’s room is so much fun. It need not be much costly, but it can surely be decorative. Here are some reasons why a kid’s room should be decorated: The kid feels important. This is the most important aspect. The room becomes interesting. The child is never bored. This is not at all

Bond With Your Kids

I today’s world of busy parents, it is less ideal for their children to get attention from them. However, we should always remember that babies are dainty and they need more attention than anyone else in the house. Children learn from home. If this learning goes missing, they can hardly extract anything from the books.